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Application Subscription Terms & Conditions

ELMS Application Subscription Terms & Conditions
(Version 29.06.16)


These terms and conditions apply to you if you are purchasing a subscription to the ELMS Application and you are buying it for use in your business or occupation (for example you require the ELMS Application for your work and/or you are going to be predominantly using the ELMS Application for your work records (e.g. keeping an electronic record of the work you have carried out) and/or to make contact with other industry associates).

These ELMS Application Subscription Terms and Conditions may be varied by us from time to time. We therefore recommend that you refer to this page regularly to see the most recent set of these Terms and Conditions. (This is version 29.06.16)

Please print and retain a copy of these terms for your records

Download your copy here (Size 212 KB)

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