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Easily manage and demonstrate the competence of your workforce with visibility across the entire organisation and network, to support:

  • Risk-based oversight, mitigating the likelihood of competence-based incident and error from occurring

  • Maintaining and driving competence standards, protecting and supporting your brand

  • Empowering your teams by providing clear visibility of progression pathways and objectives facilitating continuous improvement and succession planning

  • Simplifying and digitalising administratively burdensome processes, allowing teams to focus on operational delivery

ELMS Global Organisation


  • Compliance / status dashboards.

  • Comprehensive reporting capability.

  • Document exports with customisable templates.

  • Embedded digital process flows with tracking and audit logs.

  • Flexible and customisable to meet your organisations requirements.

  • Meaningful and targeted communications through our industry leading read and sign functionality.

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Technology & Governance

The ELMS Solution is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, with the infrastructure managed by a Microsoft Gold Partner with ISO27001 accreditation. This provides our customers with a secure, scalable and adaptable platform to meet the needs of today’s constantly evolving cyber environment, and data privacy requirements.

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