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São José dos Campos – Brazil, 11 March 2022 – Beacon, the maintenance coordination platform for faster return-to-service powered by EmbraerX, has built a working group with ELMS Aviation, a leading Competence Management software service provider. This collaboration aims to test a fully integrated solution to manage aviation maintenance profiles with a Competence and Compliance check to solve the increasing need of finding qualified and specialized talent.

In its commercial development plan to serve the European market of Operators and MROs, Beacon is partnering with ELMS to accelerate the development process with an unprecedented compliance feature. This will allow the platform users to benefit from an improved Quality Assurance module to provide its customers more transparency and knowledge of personnel’s competencies and ensure compliance and operational integrity.

“Beacon is continuously pairing with existing and future customers and the aviation community to deliver meaningful and comprehensive solutions for Aviation Maintenance. The partnership with ELMS is another step forward that will allow us to bring more transparency, security and trust to the platform in one of our key markets. Beacon is about empowering teams and individuals with the tools to be visible to their customers and deliver the best return-to-service. Highlighting our users’ capabilities will help support decision-makers not only to meet European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulations but also to plan and allocate resources for a global and connected workforce in any region for today’s and future challenges,” said Marco A. Cesarino, Head of Beacon.

“ELMS and Beacon are two ventures looking to bring 21st-century solutions to the aviation industry. Each of us has its own expertise: Beacon in supporting teams with digital tools for better communication, coordination and using event data and ELMS in creating an ultimate digital competence and compliance solution. Together, we are looking to power the next generation of maintenance workforce with a simple-to-use solution that is accessible for today’s operators, OEMs, and maintenance providers that need to monitor, support and enhance their teams’ competence levels,” said John Scale, General Manager of ELMS Aviation.

This partnership will benefit both ventures in the growth of their European operations, and open new commercial opportunities for Beacon in Urban Air Mobility and Drone Maintenance.


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