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Digitising competence management…


For an industry that consistently pushes the technological envelope, some areas of aviation are slow to adopt new technologies, clinging on to inefficient processes and procedures that have changed little in years.


Chief among these is its continued reliance on paper-based processes and antiquated, inefficient systems, primarily surrounding aviation engineering, maintenance, competency, compliance and safety management.


For many organisations, tracking maintenance work, staff competency, currency , safety, risk and quality management are still a mixture of paper forms, filing cabinets, emails and spreadsheets – but it does not need to be this way.


The ELMS Solution delivers MROs, Part 145 organisations and other aviation businesses with a cloud-based software platform that offers unprecedented levels of transparency, integrity and visibility of all personnel competence and capabilities.


Designed to provide a comprehensive and intuitive overview of staff competency, both on an organisational and individual basis, ELMS is an evolutionary leap forward for training, risk management, safety, compliance and recency oversight for every member of staff within an organisation.


The ELMS Solution is a robust management tool that supports the learning, development and performance culture of an organisation’s valuable human resources. With defined pathways and assessments, it provides a catalyst for digitalisation, supporting the growing data needs and capabilities that aviation businesses need to move into a paperless future.


Hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, with the infrastructure managed by a Microsoft Gold Partner with ISO27001 accreditation, ELMS provides customers with a secure, scalable and adaptable platform able to meet the needs of today’s constantly evolving cyber environment, while adhering to all data privacy requirements.


Discover how ELMS can provide a digital competency pathway to comprehensive safety and risk management for your business. Embrace its cutting-edge technology and improve your operational efficiency, with an aviation software solution built on transparency, integrity and real-time data management.


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