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ELMS Key Features

ELMS Key Features

We are consistently working hard to bring new features to the ELMS Solution, helping to improve the aviation personnel competency management experience of our competence management software.

Our software solution features three key modules: Assess; Docs; and Connect – all designed to enhance the ELMS Solution’s safety and compliance capabilities.

Within the assess module, we offer new ways to track key regulation changes, introducing dynamic subject scoring to keep an accurate account of complex assessments, and an ‘assessment stepper’ to make marking easy – delivering accurate training status reports, a key part of every competence solution.

Docs allows users to create custom documents, with the ability to export your digital logbook and log sheets into a range of recognised formats, generating tailored certificates for training activities, as well as create custom, branded authorisation management documents.

ELMS Connect is a revolutionary module that integrates our aviation software with all modern data solutions, allowing it to receive data streams for work orders, for example relating to safety and risk management, automatically inputting them into relevant tasks which can be shared between staff.

We have also introduced ELMS Global, improving the outreach and flexibility of the product for simplified competence management. Creating a way to manage knowledge, skills, attitude and behaviours for all staff, it will allow comprehensive training to be delivered across a wider range of sectors.

What’s next for ELMS? In a quick overview of what’s to come, we have developed a new management dashboard to streamline onboarding, alongside exploring new technologies to add features like ‘smart scan’, for quick and easy entry of training records, safety and risk management documents, and more.

We have also started work on a new Pathways module that will allow companies to assign pathways based on competence and job roles, providing a target for employee career goals. Finally, Auths Plus will take full command of assigning authorisation workflows and pathways, pulling relevant information from our existing modules to do so.

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