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ELMS Aviation has signed a major new contract with Summit Aviation to deliver comprehensive personnel compliance and competency management via its powerful ELMS Solution digital platform.

An intuitive, cloud-based system, the ELMS Solution allows businesses to demonstrate, manage, monitor, evidence and analyse staff competency and compliance. The agreement with Summit Aviation represents the first time it has been selected by an independent engine maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facility.  

James Bouton, Engineering Director at Summit Aviation, says: “Through our range of turn-key solutions, we have established a well-developed and respected pedigree in our sector. Now, the ELMS Solution will help deliver improved efficiencies across our compliance and competency processes, helping us to continue building that reputation.

“We’ve been impressed with ELMS Aviation’s dedicated, highly professional staff and comprehensive in-house back-shop support, who will help to ensure that the ELMS platform plays a pivotal role in the ongoing development of our team.”

Through its key focus on risk-based oversight and the ability to deliver transparency across all staff competence and compliance, the ELMS Solution is widely becoming the system of choice for personnel management for a wide range of aviation businesses.

John Scale, General Manager at ELMS Aviation says: “We are delighted to add a highly respected MRO like Summit Aviation to our client portfolio and we’re looking forward to demonstrating how ELMS can support their current and future plans.

“Interest in ELMS from organisations like Summit continues to grow, and we’re working hard to understand the differing needs of these businesses. This includes all recent enhancements to their associated regulations and guidance materials, helping to ensure we deliver effective solutions to meet their complex operational needs.

The on-boarding process at Summit Aviation with the ELMS team is set to begin at the start of 2024.

About ELMS Aviation

ELMS Aviation (ELMS) is an aviation-based software company with a wealth of experience in the aviation, IT services and technology industries. ELMS has developed the aviation Engineering, Maintenance sector’s leading Competence and Compliance Management System (The ELMS Solution).  

The ELMS solution is utilised globally by a growing number of aviation Engineering and Maintenance organisations that have adopted ELMS as an integral part of their Safety Management Systems (SMS). ELMS offers a 360-degree solution to evaluate the key elements of competence – Knowledge, Skills,  Attitudes and Behaviours in a secure cloud-based platform, providing the ultimate tool to ensure compliance with the latest regulations in relation to personnel competence, along with leveraging data in support of operational excellence and efficiency.

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